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Introduction: The EXOVENA Skin Booster, as known as a 4th-generation skin booster, is manufactured to amplify your inherent beauty and

Kiara Reju

Kiara Reju Product info: Product name: Kiara Reju Product Composition: HA 20 mg/ml, PDRN 5 mg/ml, Niacinamide 1 mg/ml Category: Other Beauty Equipment Keywords: Anti-wrinkle, moisture, pdrn, skin booter Application part: Dermis, epidermis Volume: 2.2 ml Duration: 12 months Shelf life: 24 months Packing: 3 syringes × 2.2 ml in pack Storage: 2~25


REJURAN HEALER Product info: Product name: Rejuran Healer Composition: Polynucleotides 2% (Salmon DNA, PN ) - only one ingredient Category: Other Facial Care, Other Health Care Products Keywords: filler, skin recovery, salmon dna, rejuran Brand name: Rejuran Volume: 2 ml Duration: 12 months Shelf life: 24 months Packing: 2syringe, 2 ml Storage: 2~25

Sheer Eyes

Sheer Eyes Composition: Polynucleotide- 2mg/ml Syringe volume: 1.1ml* 1syringe/box Needle size: 32g Storage: 1-30°C Injection interval: 10 ~15 days

Lumi eyes

Lumi Eyes Product info Composition: Polynucleotide- 2mg/ml Syringe volume: 1ml* 1syringe/box Needle size: 32g Storage: 1-30°C Injection interval: 10 days


Product Description: Category: Medical Devices, Facial Care, Other Facial Care, Beauty Devices Brand Name: ASCE+ Keywords: Skin booster, Skin solution, Exosomes, Package Contains: • 1 vial with 20 mg lyophilized powder • 1 vial with 5ml activator Store: 2 ℃ - 8 ℃

Dermaheal Eyebag

Product Name: Dermaheal Eyebag Solution with CE certi Category: Eye Cream & Mask Keywords: Dermaheal, dermaheal hsr , dermaheal ll, dermaheal eyebag solution APPLICATION: 1 session a week, 1 vial for 1 session ACTIVE INGREDIENTS Dermaheal Eyebag Solution : -Tripeptyd-41 (CG-Lipoxyn): prevents the accumulation of adipose tissue and stimulates lipolysis -Nonapeptyd-18 (CG-Formade): anti-aging and anti-inflammatory effect -Oligopeptide-61 (CG-Cellsolin): Reduces the expression of adipogenetic factors that increase fat storage. -Oligopeptyd-73 (CG-EPG): Prevents damage to skin cells by inhibiting the effects of UV and other apoptosis-inducing factors.

Dermaheal Dark circle

What you get in the package: • 1 ampoule x 1.5 ml of the product Composition: • Oligopeptide-34: reduces melanin synthesis by blocking the transfer of melanin bodies to keratinocytes, is responsible for skin hydration • Oligopeptide-24: reduces wrinkles by influencing cell proliferation • Decapeptide-4: strengthens elasticity, affects the synthesis of elastin and collagen, improves protein metabolism, reduces insulin resistance, supports burning and breaking down fat, and is responsible for smoothing the skin.